Joseph E. Biben Sales Corp.


Biben Inside Service Agreement

To insure quality service to our customers and timely responses the following procedures are being put in effect:

-The initial e-mail/phone request will be made to a specific customer service representative with the expectation of a response within that same business day if prior to 12:00 pm.  An acknowledgement of any e-mail or faxed request will confirm an action is being taken.  Should additional time be needed due to aditional information needed, an action plan will be included (i.e. production schedules, product manager must be involved, etc.)

-If no resolution is received after 8 hours, a follow up written request will be made to the same representative with a copy going to the immediate "superior" of the representative and also copies to the regional manager and Gene Biben

-If an acceptable solution is not received within an additional 4 hours, we will turn the issue over to the manager of the department and regional management for review of the issue.

Specifically in regards to PARR's or RGA's, our requirement is the following:

-All PARR's with replacement orders that require priority shipping are to be answered the same day by appropriate shipping cut off times provided they are initiated by 12:00pm.

-All PARR's with replacement orders required shall be answered within 24 hours.

-All additional PARR's should be responded by the end of 2nd business day from the day of request.

-Distributors seeking PARR's will receive a copy of every one initiated for them directly.

We appreciate the help and patience of our associates and hope that by writing our customer's expectations we can better meet our customer's needs and thus give them first class service they should expect from us.

Customers will be contacted either by e-mail or phone the same day the request of information (pricing, expediting, RGA, etc.) is initiated. If this is not met satisfactorily, it is our request that either of the following be contacted directly: Gene Biben (CEO), Bill Solomon (President), Christine Biben (VP of Operations), or Brian McCaffrey (Office Manager).  In each case an action stage will be implemented and the customer will be notified of the corrective measure being taken to assure these procedures are followed.

Gene Biben CPMR