Joseph E. Biben Sales Corp.


President's Letter

    We are living through economic times that none of us have ever experienced. Survival means our associates are committed to our distributor partners and manufacturers with the same dedication that we seek and expect from them: people, planning and execution of goals remain our company's commitment and has since our beginning in 1958.

    It is our people that maintain and grow our mutual business. Our people have been with us for years and we continue to grow together as we plan our strategies based on opportunities and needs we share. Our distributor sales people, end user sales people and inside sales people work together to maximize those opportunities as teams equally qualified and responsive to our customers.

    Given the quality and product mix of our manufacturers, we are able to segment various vertical markets to those end users who specify and use our products. These segments are available by visiting us on Facebook. The purpose is for our manufacturers' products to be more important to these specifiers as part of an entire capability with those products of significance to their specialties: Lighting & Energy, Transportation, Solar, Switchgear & Transformers and Wire & Cable. Please visit us often on Facebook for new and current product and manufacturer updates and exciting additions. Lastly, visit our Facebook to view information on our Biben Warehousing Systems that includes guarantees and the same commitment from our associates that is being done by the marketing team. These commitments are measured and evaluated to assure our manufacturers and customers the best possible services.

    However, we do more than plan; we execute and provide feedback to continue progressing through our reporting procedures and consistent communicating. Our associates believe we need to follow these procedures in order to restore, maintain and build our business together.

    Those manufacturers and distributors that put their confidence in us deserve our very best, and our ability to provide quality services allows increased profit to our manufacturers and distributor partners. The delivering of these services permits us to represent the best quality manufacturers while marketing with distributors who see value in our products.

Gene Biben, CPMR

215-985-9400; Extension 100