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Bergen Industries

Temporary Lighting for Construction, Light Stringers, High Bay Work Light, Portable Work Lights, Sockets, Replacement Cages, Fixture Whips, Par Lamp Holders, Range and Dryer cords, Outdoor Extension Cords, Garbage Disposal Cords, lenses

Federal Pacific


Dry-Type Transformers – 600 Volt and Below Dry-Type Transformers, High Voltage Dry-Type Transformers, Specialty Transformers: Gear packages

Including 5, 15, 25, 35 KV padmount and metal enclosed

Honeywell/Genesis Cable System, L.L.C.

(ISO - 9002)

Security Cables – Power Limited Circuit Cables, Type CM, CL2, CMR, CL2R, CMP, CL2P, CM, CL2, CMR, CL2R, CMP, CL2P

Fire Alarm Cables – Fire Power Limited Circuit Cables, Type FPL, FPLR, FPLP, FPL, FPLR, FPLR, NYC, LL5

Communication Cables – Communications Circuits, Voice and Data Cables, Type CM, CMR, CMP, Video Surveillance Systems

Coax Cables – Community Antenna Television, Type CATV, CATVR, CATVP, CCTV

Specialty – Home Theater Sound Cables, Heavy Duty Zip Cable-Clear, Zipcord, Thermostat Cable

Klein Tools Inc

150 YEARS OF professional quality U.S. made hand tools.  The Klein brand is the #1 preferred hand tool in the electrical industry, as well as the leading brand used in the maintenance, construction and industrial trades. Manufactures hand tools, metering equipment, organizing bags and Occupational Protective Equipment

K&S Metal Enclosures

NEMA 1 Screw Cover & Hinge Cover Enclosures; NEMA 1 Screw Cover Wireway  Type 3 Weatherproof Enclosures; Type 3R Rain Tight Enclosures; Current Transformer Cabinets; made in USA from American Steel


(ISO 9000)

Electrical Division; Acenti, GFCI, Accessories, Decora, Home Controls, Receptacles, Switches, Power Quality, Occupancy Sensors, Plugs & Connectors, Pin & Sleeve, Wall Plates, Cam Connectors, Wire Mesh, Appliance Devices, Lampholders, Structured Media Products, Integrated Networks, JBL Sound Systems, Intercom Systems, Metering Systems, Sub metering single and 3-hase for KWH and demand; multi-meter units; cloud-based software for energy management reports and billing

Northern Cables Inc

MC-THHN, ISOLATED GROUND, HVC, Multi conductor MC, BX, HCF, Hospital Grade MC, TECK 90 (petro-chem paper hazardous locations and industrials), Armored Cable with various jacket colors & inner conductors

Halco Lighting



Keystone Technologies

Commercial/Residential meter sockets, gang sockets, 400/600 K base sockets, AC disconnects, meter pedestals, spa panels, transformer rated sockets

THHN, NM-B, UF-B, XHHW, MC & AC, Aluminum Building Wire using the more flexible 8000 series, Bare Copper, TC, Instrumentation Cables, PV/RHH/RHW/USE-2, Coreflex Continuously Corrugated Aluminum Sheatherd, Firex Interlcoked Armour, TECK 90,HV (60-550kV) & MV (15-35kV) Cables XLP inventory; EPR made to order: Shipments from NY including Installation, Accessories & Services (Cutting paralleling, Pulling Eyes, custom cuts).

LED Drivers; Fluorescent ballast; HID ballasts; Sign ballasts; LED modules; EMERGENCY ballast; LED Tubes: Smart Drive, Combo Drive and Direct

LED lamps; Compact Fluorescent lamps; haolgen lamps, HID lamps, Incandescent lamps, linear Fluorescent lamps, Circular lamps, Blacklight/Blacklight-Blue, Appliance, Fixtures: panel lights volumentric panel lights, downlight retrofit, landscape; LED Downlights, Strand lighting for indoors & outdoor; outdoor luminaries: 3 types of LED lamps: Prime, Choice or Economy

START lighting

Custom fixtures: housings, enclosures, drivers, high reflective materials, reflectors, lenses, class 1/division 1, ruggedized and vibration resistant, intelligent control solutions, power over ethernet (PoE)